Alloy and Obligate partner to bring on-chain bonds into institutional portfolio management systems

3 min readJun 6, 2024


Alloy, a leader in digital asset investment technology, and Obligate are entering a strategic partnership that will integrate Obligate’s tokenized bonds into Alloy’s comprehensive digital asset portfolio management and execution system. This collaboration aims to lead the way in shaping how institutional asset managers and crypto-native treasuries access and manage institutional real-world assets (RWA) within a wider portfolio context.

The partnership enables Alloy’s users to directly access institutional-grade RWA yield opportunities and manage them alongside their crypto portfolios and institutional DeFi exposure without leaving the digital asset ecosystem. At the same time, Obligate customers will have the capability to manage their digital bond holdings through a sophisticated portfolio management system, thereby improving their operational efficiency and investment oversight.

Alloy’s flexible integration options also enable it to bring digital assets to existing traditional portfolio management systems, allowing users to holistically manage traditional and on-chain securities in their familiar environment. Earlier this year, Alloy announced its strategic partnership with Deutsche Börse’s SimCorp, whose clients manage $30tn in assets on its multi-asset platform.

“This initiative is a direct response to increasing requests by clients, prospects, and partners about real-world assets. Investors see all these interesting offerings coming on-chain but fundamentally don’t have the tools to manage them in a portfolio context. People would come to us and say, ‘We like tokenized assets, but how do I get them into my portfolio?”, Paul Faecks, CEO and Co-Founder of Alloy, said. “We’re super excited to start this journey with Obligate, whose innovative on-chain securities fulfill the high institutional standards our clients are accustomed to.”

Integrating with Alloy’s platform represents a significant milestone in our commitment to bridging traditional finance with the Digital Asset space,” said Matthias Wyss, CEO at Obligate. “Solutions like Alloy are essential to bring on-chain assets into the hands — or onto the screens rather — of institutional investors. Our products are natively issued on-chain while being legally equivalent to regular bonds and globally enforceable. Together, we are establishing a new standard for how asset management can encompass a wide range of asset classes, including traditional securities and emerging digital assets.

This strategic partnership between Alloy and Obligate highlights the dedication of both companies to innovation and their shared commitment to strengthening the infrastructure for institutional digital assets.

About Alloy:

Alloy is an institutional investment management system for digital assets, offering comprehensive solutions that combine portfolio management, centralized finance (CeFi)/decentralized finance (DeFi) trading, risk management, and investment operations. Alloy’s system is designed to support the entire investment lifecycle of digital assets within a single platform. For more information, visit

About Obligate:

Obligate AG is a member of VQF, a Swiss FINMA regulated AML SRO, and a financial intermediary. Standing at the forefront of institutional adoption in on-chain capital markets, Obligate is providing a secure, transparent, and regulatory compliant platform for the issuance, trading, and lifecycle management of debt instruments natively issued on the blockchain. The platform’s unique architecture caters to the complex needs of institutional investors whilst lowering the barriers of entry for issuers by providing efficient access to multilateral financing. Featuring their proprietary eNotesTM, ledger-based securities based on the most advanced DLT-legislation, a comprehensive dispute resolution framework, and global enforceability of the debt securities, Obligate demonstrates its commitment to meeting institutional standards. For further information, visit




Obligate is an investment platform that enables investors to explore and invest in on-chain bonds in a regulated environment.