InvestaX and Obligate announce strategic partnership to offer on-chain debt instruments

3 min readFeb 22, 2024

Singapore / Zurich, Switzerland — February 22, 2024 — InvestaX, a Singapore Licensed Tokenization Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform in Asia, and Obligate, the leading platform in structuring, issuance, and distribution of on-chain debt instruments, today announce a strategic partnership. The collaboration will offer a comprehensive suite of services that cover the entire lifecycle of tokenized assets, from issuance to distribution, creating a secure, scalable and seamless cross-border ecosystem for Real-World Assets (RWAs).

InvestaX’s expertise in tokenization and dealing in capital market products, combined with Obligate’s advanced platform for issuing and structuring on-chain capital market transactions, aims to streamline the processes for issuers and investors, enhancing market transparency and efficiency and opening up a new range of investment opportunities for InvestaX clients, fostering innovation within the digital assets space.

“Our collaboration with Obligate delivers more on-chain real world assets to our marketplace. Obligate offers on-chain bonds and structured products launched on our licensed tokenization infrastructure. This marks another world first for InvestaX and our growing global network of leading real world asset issuers and investors,” said Julian Kwan, CEO and co-Founder of InvestaX.

The partnership promises to offer sophisticated tokenization capabilities while reaching a global audience of investors, enabling issuers to raise capital through digital assets in an efficient and regulatory-compliant manner. The focus on digital bonds and structured products through Obligate’s trademark eNotes® signifies a major advancement towards making digital asset offerings more accessible and appealing to a broader range of investors.

Matthias Wyss, Chief Strategy Officer at Obligate, added: “the partnership between Obligate and InvestaX is synergetic to both of our client bases as it will offer an enhanced product universe ranging from on-chain bonds to on-chain structured products to the InvestaX investors while enlarging the global reach that Obligate issuers have to raise capital efficiently”.

About InvestaX

InvestaX is the leading Tokenization Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform in Asia, licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore with a Capital Markets Service License (CMSL) and Recognized Market Operator (RMO) License for dealing in and trading Real World Asset Tokens (RWA) and Security Token Offerings (STO) for global investors. IX Swap is an automated market maker and is now approved on condition for a license in the Bahamas to carry out a digital assets business.

About Obligate

Standing at the forefront of institutional adoption in on-chain capital markets, Obligate is providing a secure, transparent, and regulatory compliant platform for the issuance, trading, and lifecycle management of debt instruments natively issued on the blockchain. The platform’s unique architecture caters to the complex needs of institutional investors whilst lowering the barriers of entry for issuers by providing efficient access to multilateral financing. Featuring their proprietary eNotes®, ledger-based securities based on the most advanced DLT-legislation, a comprehensive dispute resolution framework, and global enforceability of the debt securities, Obligate demonstrates its commitment to meeting institutional standards. Obligate AG is a member of VQF, a Swiss FINMA regulated AML SRO, and a financial intermediary.




Obligate is an investment platform that enables investors to explore and invest in on-chain bonds in a regulated environment.