Invoitix Issues Digital Bond on Obligate Platform to Further Grow its Logistics Invoicing and Financing Platform

3 min readMay 23, 2024


Zurich, Switzerland — May 23, 2024 — Invoitix AG, a logistics invoicing and financing platform, has issued a digital bond on the Obligate platform. Deployed on the Polygon PoS blockchain and denominated in EUROe, this issuance aims to refinance invoitix’s logistics invoicing activities, further solidifying its position in the pan-European road logistics market.

The bond is secured by a highly diversified pool of thousands of invoices with an average amount of EUR 500 per invoice, ensuring significant risk mitigation through diversification. All invoices are credit insured by top-rated insurers AXA (S&P: AA-) and Allianz (S&P: AA), providing an additional layer of security for investors. The issuance features robust collateral management capabilities with conservative Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios. Utilizing EUROe as the settlement currency, this issuance leverages the stability and regulatory compliance of EUROe, enhancing transaction efficiency.

“This bond issuance showcases how a well-diversified asset pool combined with advanced collateralization techniques and legal engineering can provide secure and efficient financing solutions. We are pleased to support invoitix in their efforts to innovate within the logistics financing space.”

– Bonart Mati, Chief Growth Officer at Obligate.

The funds raised from this digital bond issuance will be used to expand invoitix’s domestic business operations within its focus markets, which include Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Czech Republic, and the Baltics. This expansion will support invoitix’s mission to provide efficient financing solutions to more trucking companies, helping them manage their cash flows more effectively.

“Our partnership with Obligate and their efficient digital bond issuance platform aligns perfectly with our vision for innovative and secure financial transactions. This collaboration strengthens our fundraising capabilities and solidifies our position in the market.”

– Urs van Stphout, CEO and Co-Founder of invoitix.

Obligate ensures seamless issuance and management of digital bonds, providing a secure and transparent environment for both issuers and investors. We conduct rigorous KYC and KYB checks, ensuring compliance and enhancing investor confidence.

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About Invoitix AG
Invoitix AG, founded in 2018, specializes in providing receivables financing to the European road transportation sector. The company’s proprietary digital invoicing platform facilitates fast payments to trucking companies, typically within 48 hours. Invoitix has processed over 580,000 invoices with a loss ratio of less than 1% and maintains a significant presence in key European markets including Poland and Spain.

About Obligate
Obligate AG is a member of VQF, a Swiss FINMA regulated AML SRO, and a financial intermediary. Standing at the forefront of institutional adoption in on-chain capital markets, Obligate is providing a secure, transparent, and regulatory compliant platform for the issuance, trading, and lifecycle management of debt instruments natively issued on the blockchain. The platform’s unique architecture caters to the complex needs of institutional investors whilst lowering the barriers of entry for issuers by providing efficient access to multilateral financing. Featuring their proprietary eNotesTM, ledger-based securities based on the most advanced DLT-legislation, a comprehensive dispute resolution framework, and global enforceability of the debt securities, Obligate demonstrates its commitment to meeting institutional standards.




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