Obligate’s Q1 recap

3 min readApr 30, 2024


As the first quarter of 2024 concludes, Obligate proudly reflects on a series of transformative achievements that have underscored our growth and strengthened our position in the market. Q1 has been marked by significant milestones — groundbreaking firsts, influential partnerships and notable recognition — that highlight our journey toward making financial systems more fluid and efficient for all.

KPI roundup

A quarter of firsts and pioneering achievements

This quarter, Obligate achieved several firsts (for us but also for the industry):

Tradeflow Capital Fund marked the first time we worked directly with a fund to issue a USDC-denominated bond, expanding our operational scope and demonstrating our capability to service a broader range of financial institutions [read more].

We achieved a significant milestone together with Metavisio as the first-ever USDC-denominated bond issued by a public company without the involvement of traditional banking channels [read more].

The issuance by Mikro Kapital marked our first deployment on Coinbase’s Base platform, supporting microfinance projects that are essential in driving economic inclusion and efficiency, embodying our mission to make financial systems not only more accessible but also fairer for everyone involved [read more].

Strategic partnerships and market expansion

At Obligate, our strategic partnerships are more than just collaborations — they are crucial extensions of our reach and capabilities. Each relationship is thoughtfully forged to enhance our offerings and extend our presence into pivotal markets.

To enable investments through traditional rails, we launched an Actively Managed Certificate, opening up a new asset class and diversifying our approach to Private Debt Bonds.

By teaming up with Archax, we ensure the security and integrity of the digital assets managed on our platform. This partnership promotes a more integrated and efficient digital finance ecosystem, enhancing the accessibility and safety of digital assets [read more].

Continuing our expansion in Asia, the InvestaX partnership offers our full range of on-chain debt instruments to qualified investors onboarded on the leading digital asset platform based in Singapore [read more].

Celebrating our recognition and influence

Awards and memberships in influential groups this quarter have not only honored our achievements but also highlighted our role as a thought leader in the industry:

Being part of the Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC) positions us as a thought leader, alongside other members such as Circle and Coinbase. This membership signifies our commitment to influencing and shaping the future of tokenized assets [read more].

Our victory in the Token Titans category at the Davos Disruptors Pitch Event, held during Crypto2030 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, along with our success at the Encode x Solana Hackathon are testaments to our innovative solutions and technical excellence on global platforms.

Looking at the year of RWA

Building on the solid foundation laid in Q1, we are set for unprecedented growth and deeper market penetration in the upcoming three quarters. Our commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to transform the financial markets remains unwavering.

Matthias Wyss, CEO of Obligate, reflects on the journey ahead: “This is an exciting and critical time for Obligate. As we scale our operations, our focus is on deepening our market penetration to not only grow our presence but also to solidify our reputation as innovators and leaders in the financial space. We envision a future where financial markets are open, transparent, efficient and accessible to everyone and work tirelessly on our mission to rewire the financial system to enable truly efficient flow of capital.”

We look forward to the upcoming opportunities in 2024 and remain focused on pushing forward with innovations that align with our mission, aiming to make a significant and positive impact on the financial markets.




Obligate is an investment platform that enables investors to explore and invest in on-chain bonds in a regulated environment.