Obligate & XBTO Launch Strategic Partnership with a $1M USDC-Denominated Bond by BermudAir

2 min readMay 2, 2024


Image: XBTO

Obligate is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with XBTO, a leader in digital assets and crypto finance. This collaboration is launched with the issuance of a $1 million USDC tokenized bond by BermudAir, marking the beginning of our partnership. The funds from this issuance will be utilized by BermudAir to enhance operational capabilities and expand their route network, supporting their growth in new markets. Details of this foundational transaction are available in the May 1st press release.

This partnership with XBTO reflects our commitment to develop attractive investment solutions that are easy to access as well as more secure and transparent. By leveraging XBTO’s expertise in digital assets alongside our innovative blockchain solutions, we are enhancing the way capital flows between market participants and through that provide attractive yield opportunities to investors. Our ongoing collaboration with XBTO will focus on broadening these opportunities, making private debt and credit transactions more accessible to a wider range of investors.

“Our collaboration with BermudAir and XBTO highlights Obligate’s strategic focus in enabling blockchain-based debt issuances. This issuance demonstrates our platform’s capability to efficiently and securely connect issuers with investors in a regulated environment, reflecting our commitment to innovating the private debt market and expediting investment opportunities.”

— Tobias Wohlfarth, Head of Origination at Obligate.

Strengthening distribution partner networks

​​A key aspect of our strategy involves focusing on our distribution partners, enhancing their ability to offer attractive and innovative investment solutions. By improving the tools and assets available to these partners, we ensure that they can better serve their clients, ultimately making the investment process smoother and more reliable. This approach builds on our recent strategic partnerships, such as those with Investax and Archax, where we have committed to enhancing accessibility to digital assets and expanding the use of on-chain debt instruments. These collaborations underscore our commitment to developing a more interconnected and efficient financial ecosystem, leveraging the unique capabilities of each partner to benefit our broader network.

By continually strengthening our partnerships and technological infrastructure, Obligate aims to lead the transformation of the financial landscape, making it more inclusive, efficient and transparent for all market participants.

Stay tuned to our Medium blog for more updates on how this partnership will continue to evolve and bring exciting new opportunities to investors worldwide.




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